What a beautiful morning. We saw the sun rise on Granite Mountain. We enjoyed the serenity that’s ever present with an American Ranch lifestyle. Of course this beautiful setting doesn’t come without it’s preparations. As a photographer of Interior Design and High End Real Estate it should not come as a shock that preparation is key to a successful photoshoot. Typically this process can take as little as a couple of days to several weeks before our clients get final copies of the images we have created and prepared for them. Once we have been approached we go to the location to familiarize ourselves with the clients wishes as well as direction of natural light and the layout of the principal rooms to be shot. We ask the clients to┬átidy up their spaces before the shoot day as well as to go on a mini vacation away for the day. This allows us to move about as quickly as possible and keep on task. Our shoots typically can be an all day event as we are trying to preserve the essence of home in a two dimensional form. This is a process that has to be fluid and take the amount of time required. We also like to capture a few images of the surrounding community to expand the offerings the prospective area. All of these things work in harmony to help capture great images.

American Ranch Photography

Flagstaff Arizona Interior Design Photographer

American Horse Photographer

Flagstaff Arizona Real Estate Photographer

Flagstaff Arizona Real Estate Photographer

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Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate Photographer

Sedona Arizona Interior Design Photographer

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Flagstaff Arizona Professional Photographer

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