Almost every facet of life these days, personal and business have repercussions from the effects of Covid-19. As serious and scary as the thought of what the future may hold, be rest assured there are entities at work doing everything they can to protect us. I recently had an opportunity to work with American Biodefense Institute. An innovator leading the charge against Coronavirus. It was an honor working with a frontline essential entity that is helping our first responders and military. ABI’s research of evolutionary therapeutics and critical hardware has been nothing short of amazing and in fact the fruits of their labors are protecting us now, when we need it the most. Working alongside ABI to introduce the Reopen America strategy with some of these new tools and therapies in Prescott, Arizona were U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.SMayor Pro Tem Billie Orr, and Fire Chief Dennis Light. Knowing there is a group out there with a mandate to help protect our citizens and our economy is reassuring.