I like giving myself photography assignments that will push the normal limits of where I have been and what I have captured. In the example featured in my “Dragon’s Back” Series I ventured out to a geological feature in northern Arizona named “Jagged Tooth”. This prominent landscape feature is located just north of Highway 69 as you pass through Mayer, Arizona and would be hard to miss by anyone traveling down to Phoenix, Arizona. I had planned the day of the assignment to coincide with some inclement weather. A early winter thunderstorm was predicted that would bring lighting and hail. This was my chance to take and hopefully capture something really unique. As expected on the day that I went the predicted storm was rolling across the landscape the way I had imagined in my mind. I was able to work a few different angles during the storm for a couple of hours capturing the composited images featured below. The cool thing about digital media is the art you can create on the backend after all the physical work has been completed. This assignment has gone from a on location photoshoot to a two year long engagement that I am not finished with. I still have tons of imagery from that day that I still need to go over. It is amazing when one day becomes a significant portion of your lifetime and I can start to feel how some of the more well known photographers like Ansel Adams or Galen Rowell must have felt.


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