Mint Wash Trail Trail #345 can be accessed from Trail #308 on the north end near the Williamson Valley Trailhead or #348 on the southern end near Granite Basin lake. This area Northwest of Prescott features beautiful views of Granite Mountain as well as Mint Creek which meanders nearby. One of the more prominent features along this trail is the Mint Wash Petroglyphs. Unless you have been on this trail before and have been shown to you by a good friend these Petroglyphs are not easy to find even though they are located just off the side of the trail. This area of the trail shows huge exposed granite boulders that lead down to the Mint Creek and then back up Granite Mountain. In order to get a full view of these Petroglyphs you must leave the trail and navigate down a steep series of these boulders down to one incredibly massive boulder leaning up against the hillside. Underneath this boulder is an area that the Native Americans used for building campfires as well as resting during their ritual artistry. At this level seekers will still not see any sign of the Petroglyphs. Only when you climb to the top of this massive boulder and look down will you get the full experience and beauty of what the early inhabitants created here.

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