Prescott College  is an institution that embodies a diverse array of programs educating students and helping them to understand, thrive in, and enhance our world community and environment. I’ve visited the campus in the past but it has always been a cursory visit that did not not really tell me a complete story about the real mission at Prescott College. Let me speak from experience about what I learned from my recent photography commissioning at the main campus in Prescott, Arizona. I spent a day meeting and working with some of the most caring young people and staff that I have ever had the pleasure of associating with. Many people have a topical view that Prescott College is full of Earthy Hipsters that are engaging in a higher education that will never mount to much but exactly the opposite is true. These people care about our planet and one another. Their real mission is to help change the way society as a whole engages one another and how our greater world community can make a positive impact. I was honored to be among them and applaud their efforts. If I can put into one word what Prescott College imparted to me was. FUN!

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